Saturday, January 19, 2013

On knowledge sharing — #upgoerfive

This post was written with the  #upgoerfive text editor, using only the most common 1000 words in English.

At one time there was a man who some people thought was god. Other people thought he was sent to the world by god. This man had two water animals you could eat and five pieces of other food and he wanted the many people who were with him to have enough to eat. But two water animals and five other pieces of food were not enough for the people if they all had to eat. So the man who some people thought was god and others that he was sent by god, made the food last until all the people had had enough to eat. This was a wonder. The people saw this and did not know if they could believe what they saw. But when it seemed true that he had a power that no other men or women had, they believed the man was really god or sent by god, because he could do what other men could never do at all. This story became very well known. And many people believe it is about food.

But I think it is not about food. I think it is about food for thought. About what we know, not about what we eat. Because if we give food that we have to others, we do not have it anymore for us to eat. But if we tell others what we know, they know it, too, and we still know it as well. So we can not share our food and still have it all, but we can share what we know and still have it all. We should share what we know if it is good for us all. Especially people who work on knowing more and more every day, as their job. They are paid by us all to work in their jobs on knowing more and more, and they really should share what they come to know with us, and in such a way that we can understand it, too.

Jan Velterop

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  1. Anonymous11:24 am

    Jan, I find this a very fishy story. And very bready too....

    But you're right. Knowledge, like happiness, multiplies itself through division.